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Project Description
A small Windowsapplication that enables Meebo ( to be used like a default IM client with an icon in the taskbar.

How to install:
Get the latest release and copy it to some place at your harddisc.
If you want the program to start up at windows startup then create a shortcut at your Startup folder.

How to use:
When you start up the program it will automatically load the Meebo Homepage
Login to your Meebo Account or just start up the requested IM service.
After login click the "undock" button at the top right corner of the Buddylist. The buddylist will be loaded in a new window.
Then go to the Meebo-icon in the Taskbar - right click and choose "Grab Buddylist". This will hide the main Window and the Buddylist Window.

Now you can use it as for example ICQ. Just double click the Meebo Icon to hide or display the Buddylist.
Don't close the Buddylist window. This will not hide the buddylist this will cause the buddylist to close and show up in the mainwindow.

If the buddylist closes unexpected or won't show up, then right click the MeeboIcon in the Taskbar and choose "Restart".
This will display the main window.

Please contact me if there is anything that's unclear.

If you prefer to use Meebo with Firefox then try the Firefox Edition of this Client

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